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We love this community, and we want to support it. Jesus tasked us with showing love to those around us, to making his love real for the world. That’s what

we want to do. 


We want to be the church West Houston needs us to be.


If you’ve ever been here with us, you already know what we’re about. We love being a place where everyone feels welcome. We love being a place where it honestly doesn’t matter what you look like or what you have going on in your life. Whether you’re burned out on church or you’ve never been inside one, we want to be a place where you can feel safe. We want to be a place where you belong.


So we’re moving, to make more room. We want to invite the whole world with open arms, and we need space to do it. We were a small service inside a fourth-floor Sunday school room, and we kept growing and moving and growing and moving, and now here we are. Trying something scary and huge and new. 


We worship a big God, and our worship should be as big as it possibly can be. So we’re transforming this sanctuary into a modern worship space, we’re bringing everything we loved about our small, intimate community and breaking it out big. We want you to feel joy in this place, love in this place, alive in this place.


Come and see it for yourself.

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