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Early on, as a youth worship leader, Anthony’s love for Jesus and Christian music were apparent. Growing up writing and playing R&B and hip-hop music, Anthony turned this knowledge back into his original passion of writing and singing music for the church. As a result, Rogers’ sound is a fusion of his soul and gospel roots and his love of modern worship. His heart is in communicating the good news to people of all backgrounds, you can hear it in the melodies and words of every song he writes. Helping people find God in worship is his passion, he write that his desire is for his music to “lead you to a place where God is ever so present.”


Anthony lives in Houston with his wife Morgan and son Jayden. Anthony currently is the contemporary worship director for both campuses of First Methodist Houston, working with a church that has been in existence for over 175 years to bring new music out of its deep roots. When not leading worship, he is constantly writing and producing music with local musicians and the Source worship team, trying to raise up other artists and their voices.


More than anything, Anthony wants to bring transparency to his worship. “It’s hard to relate to people who act like life is perfect, and once you’ve found God life isn’t hard” Rogers says. “I want bring people close to God in a real and tangible way.”

A born and raised Texan, Ken Coneby has his Bachelors in Sociology and a heart for bringing different cultures and people together to serve our great God.


Pastor Ken found his call to Ministry during college, he went on to be discipled and blessed by Directing both

a Youth and College ministry. Always available to grab coffee or lunch Ken loves connecting with people.

His passion is living out the biblical community lined

out in Roman’s 12 and 1 Corinthians 12/13; connecting with God, lifting one another up through encouragement and support, and loving the world around us.

He is excited to live this out in the Houston area by connecting small groups and serving in missions to a city in need of God’s love.

Anthony Rogers

Source Worship & Production
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Ken Coneby

Teaching Pastor
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